If you are from US or Canada

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We are sorry to inform you that you can probably stop reading about BabyMe here.

Due to patent infringement accusations, we have to pull the BabyMe app from US and Canada. Boranda Labs only has a bunch of chairs, tables and computers, and cannot afford patent lawyers to defend itself.

Thank you for your interest.


BabyMe (v1.500) on the App Store

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BabyMe flyer

BabyMe demo videos also on YouTube

•April 13, 2011 • 2 Comments

In addition to the FAQ below, we now have video demos of the BabyMe iPhone app, check it out!

Video demos for BabyMe

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In addition to the FAQ below, we now have video demos of the BabyMe iPhone app, check it out on Vimeo! (YouTube version is here)

BabyMe iPhone app FAQ

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Q: What is BabyMe iPhone app for?

A: BabyMe app is for taking notes and analyzing daily activities of newborn babies.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: It is very simple: we do not transmit any of your data, period. All records are saved in the work.db file on your device. If you need to move it anywhere else, you can manually save it by going to the iTunes “Apps” tab while your device is connected to your computer. Scroll to the bottom of “Apps” panel, select BabyMe, and you will see the work.db file. If you want to overwrite the file on your device from a backup, however, please remember to completely quit the BabyMe app (tap the “x” in iOS multitasking bar) before overwriting this file.

Q: I want to write a review for BabyMe app on the App Store, how do I do it?

A: We thank you for your comments! The direct URL that brings you to App Store review for BabyMe app is HERE. We have also added a convenient link in version 1.041 update. If you go to the last tab in the app window, you’ll see a ‘Review‘ bar.

Q: Why doesn’t BabyMe support multiple users (babies)?

A: Since the BabyMe app is mainly focused on babies under 1 year of age, for parents who have more than one child (of different age), by the time this app is used for the younger baby, the brother/sister is very likely over 1 year old anyway. The types of records this app is trying to help manage is less relevant for the other child. To reduce the complexity of user interface, we decide to let the app work for only 1 baby.

Q: When I first launch the application, why is it stuck in the start page with a baby face and 3 square icons?

A:Because valid name and birthday information is missing (watch out for birthday info, please make sure it is not today, otherwise the app will not let you proceed. Update: already fixed in version 1.039, please update via the App Store).

The 3 square icons are for baby picture, name/gender and birthday. Baby name, gender and birthday are required (gender and birthday are used to automatically calculate growth percentile against reference data tables, for example). Once you have entered baby name, gender and birthday, you can exit the start page by tapping the banner on the top part of the screen where baby name is shown.

Q: Where can I find detailed history of a particular type of record?

A: In any data entry mode, tap the top-left panel, the main panel on the center of the screen will flip over, revealing a table of the entire history of this particular type of records.

Q: What if I have entered a record by mistake? How do I correct it?

A: After you have flipped over to the side where the detailed history is shown, swipe on any table entry will allow you to delete this entry, table entry deletion works similar to all tables in other iOS applications. Once you have deleted the wrong entry, you can enter a new one.

Q: How do I enter record for a date other than today?

A: By default, all records entered are assumed to have today’s date. If you need to enter record for another date (in the past), tap the orange triangle on the lower-left corner of any data entry mode, you will see a date picker, and you can pick the date you want. Invalid dates (such as future dates and date earlier than baby’s birthday) are disabled (grayed out). Memo entries will have the time stamp of the moment you hit “Save”, which cannot be changed.

Q: How do I see the overall history, of everything?

A: Go to the 2nd tab (where all reports are shown), you will see Report Center. Tap on Timeline Overview, you can see all records represented by colour-coded bars for each day. You can flip through all the dates, and you can selectively show/hide different types of records by tapping on the colour-code legend at the bottom of the table.

Q: How do I see the detailed record of a particular date?

A: When you are in Timeline Overview, tap on any row, you will be presented with the detailed event log of the day.

Q: How do I see summary reports of a particular type of records?

A: In the 2nd tab (“Report Center“), select any of the data types (Nursing, Bottles, Food, Diapers, Sleep, Pump), the application will automatically analyze the data and present a summary for yesterday, past week, 2, 3 weeks as well as the past month. The summary report is in a few short phrases so you can read through the key information in just a few seconds.

Q: How do I see growth milestone percentiles?

A: In the 2nd tab (“Report Center“), select Growth, you can see a table listing height, weight and head circumference data as well as percentile for each data point. The percentile is calculated according to statistical data published by the World Health Organization, and is recommended by the US CDC for babies under 2 years of age (http://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/who_charts.htm).  If you tap on any row in the table, BabyMe will change the data display between Metric and English units.

Q: How do I see all my text memos?

A: In the 2nd tab (“Report Center“), select Memo, you’ll see all your text memos in chronological order (where newest entries are at the bottom). There is a search box on the top for you to search for text in the memo display. If you do not want to see the time labels in front of each memo entry, just (literally) shake it off.

Q: Why not have a video demo?

A: I agree with you. I’ll borrow a video camera and demo it on my iPhone for you, and post the video here! (Update: yes, we have done it, look at Vimeo or YouTube)

Q: I have a problem to report, and I have a few suggestions to you guys, how should I contact you?

A: In the last tab in the BabyMe app, you can find link to this blog, as well as an option to write an email right from you iPhone. You can also post on this blog. We treat all feedback seriously, and will try to answer your questions and comments as much as possible. We thank you for using our application and appreciate your feedback.

Project 1 Release Candidate Ready

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(April 6th 2011) We have put all the final touches and fixes for Project 1. Now a Release Candidate has been put in place at the download URL.


NDS back & new domain is up

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We now have a new domain: LatteStudio.com

This no longer relies on Dyndns service. For downloads, the URL is (please note that it requires https): https://www.LatteStudio.com




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